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Ways to increase your testosterone

 First, you have to be determined to do it.You have to do whatever works for you without taking off days, raising your testosterone is a habit.There is no need to start writing endless articles on how important is testosterone for a man.In his way of thinking, in every day activities, getting pussy (not the one with tails) and generally not giving a fuck what others think of him.
 Do not underestimate your hormones gentlemen, they play a huge role in how you feel, it connects you with your primitive self.

 There are two ways to raise your testosterone levels, the natural way and through medication.

-Natural way is the hardest way and you have to be consistent, it is recommended for mainly young men below the age of 30s.

-Drugs are the easiest way to increase your testosterone and they will give you better results, but with a price.

Lets get it on!

Simple Steps

Step One
 Do lab tests.First we have to know how much testosterone we have, lab tests is the only way.Do not hesitate just make an appointment today.
"Normal" testosterone levels are 270 - 1200 ng/dl if you have 650 or less you have to do something.Hell, I would aim for a 850 ng/dl and more.

Step Two
Take action.
Now that you know the importance of Testosterone in men and you know how much you have, it is time to do something about it.
You can consult your doctor (make sure he is not a fat one, even better if he is a sports doc) and you can ask him if he thinks that your Testosterone levels are too low.Most doctors will not give you steroids if your levels are above 270 ng/dl.
This is the part where YOU decide if you go the natural way or the steroid way.

Step Three
Increase your Testosterone.

Natural Way:

- Sleep. 
Enough hours and quality sleep. No shortcuts. Sleep before 24:00 for 7 to 9 hours.
To improve the quality of your sleep:
- Make sure the temperature of your room is around 26 Celsius.

- Get enough magnesium.The best way is from whole foods, if you still can't get enough magnesium you should supplement.
A good supplement that will give you a better sleep quality is ZMA. I would roll with a product from a reputable company and not some garbage.NOW Foods Zma, 90 Capsules ZMA Rx-Strength - 90 - Capsule Universal Nutrition ZMA Pro - 90 Capsules
- Supplement with melatonin, if you do not seem to have a good night's sleep and you tried all the above then try melatonin. NOW Foods Melatonin 3mg, High Grade, 180 Capsules Solgar Melatonin 3mg Nuggets - 120 - Tablet
- Do not drink any liquid (you dirty bastard, pussy made "honey" is allowed) 2 hours before you go to sleep.

Get enough zinc no matter what. Every day. Again your best option is with whole foods but if you are still deficient in zinc try to supplement it. But seriously, eat some liver do not be a pansy.

- Avoid plastic packages.

- Lift weights.
Should I repeat that you have to lift hard? you have to fuck up your weights, kill them. The most important factor for a good weight lifting workout is anger. Yes, anger. No need to act calmly while lifting weights, shout! make stupid expressions! hit your motherfucking chest! just do something.
Do not go for isolation sissy exercises, go for free weights and do compound movements. Stick with a program that promotes anabolic effect.

- Water.
Many fail on this. Drink enough water every day, go for 4 Liters or more. 

- Soy.
Avoid this at all costs. It contains estrogen so you should avoid it if you do not want girls to beat you up. 

- Eat Meat.
Vegetarian diets are for effeminate boys. Do you want to build muscle? do you want to have increased Testosterone? then eat meat every day. Take these animal proteins in you and kick some ass already.

- Fat.
Do not avoid it. You need around 80 grams of fat every day, go for more.   

- Howl like a wolf.
Yes, do it now. A big ass howl will bring some intensity when you are low on energy. Acting like a man will increase Testosterone too, being excited and doing a team sport with Testosterone dudes will increase your Testosterone too.
Compete gentlemen, claim the ball, the goal, the win! Compete to win everyday.

Steroid Way:

This is more complicated. But we will make it simple and easy.
First you have to educate yourself around this and break the myths around steroid usage. Visit Anabolic Steroids
  and read whatever you can find in it.
Recommend dosages, Post Cycles, side effects and how to avoid them. Everything.

Now, I would roll with only one anabolic steroid. Testosterone Cypionate and go for 200 mg per week for 8 weeks. This is a light program like a HRT.
This is how I would do it and then make changes to get the results I want.

Do not be a fool. Read whatever you can find about Post Cycles and what steroids are for you.
Of course do not overdose on anything, only weaklings do that
Παν μέτρον άριστον. Everything in moderation.

Remember, we are talking about increase of Testosterone here and not being a mass monster like today's pro bodybuilders.

That's it gentlemen, it is just advice and I do not take any responsibility for your actions.
Search, decide, plan and then act.   

Kostas M.

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Estrogen Century

 Gentlemen, it's time to cut to the chase.
Testosterone in men declines by 1% per year
In one of the largest study of its kind, Travison et al. report a population-wide decline in Massachusetts's men’s testosterone levels during the last 20 years that is not related to normal aging or to health and lifestyle factors known to influence testosterone levels.

They found that testosterone concentrations dropped about 1.2% per year, or about 17% overall, from 1987 to 2004. The downward trend was seen in both the population and in individuals over time.
( http://www.ourstolenfuture.org/newscience/reproduction/2006/2006-1210travisonetal.html)

 But what the hell is testosterone after all? is it what the media has led you to believe? is it a bad hormone that you have to lower it? is it what women despise?
Well if we skip the scientific part, testosterone is what makes you competent, gives you drive for success and improves not only your sexual life but your mood also.Having low testosterone will make you lazy, fat and an effeminate boy.
Below you will see the difference between having testosterone and having fagtosterone.

You get the idea.
Women will whine everyday why there aren't any real men and at the same time will do their best to "cut" the balls of their boyfriend.They will act bitchy when her man tells her what to do, they won't cook anything and they will try to effeminate you with things like "shopping" "hanging with her friends". The only time you should spend time with her friends (female) is an orgy.

 We are living in times where being a man and acting like one is considered as animalish and socially unacceptable.I say fuck em, if they want to live a life full of incompetence full of sexual disorders and with an "ok I will take whatever you throw at me miss" attitude then let them do it.But gentlemen, do not let these fags drag you down to the pit hole of doubt and self delusion.
Acting like a man is a must! girls love it even if many of them do not admit it, other men will respect you, you will project power without any fucking effort.
You are being bombarded with estrogen and estrogen-like hormones. The list is endless:

- Processed food
- Plastic packs
- Drugs
- Pesticides

Not only that, they want to make sure you will become a lazy little boy. So what they do? They connect you to Facebook, they put you in front of the douchebag-maker (television), they project girly role models for men, they they they they..
It doesn't really matter.What matters is to ask this question to yourself now

"Am I going to let them?"

What you need to act like a man? simple.

TESTOSTERONE above all else.
There are many ways to increase it, I will tell you how in the next post.

"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him."

Kostas M.

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A few words to begin with

Here at ZiseSpartiatika (ZS) you won't find 5 things:

- Faggish suggestions and topics fags and douchebags talk about.

- Feminist things.

- Good use of the English language.

- Huge posts without ever getting to the point.

- Complicate and ineffective guides.

You will find these instead:

- How to be a Man.

- How to take control of your life.

- How to have the Spartan Mindset.

- How to build muscle and burn fat, the simple way.

- How to make money.

- How to date girls, without losing your pride and most of all without being an effeminate little boy.

- Pride.

- Self-respect.

- Discipline.

- Success.

Gentlemen, Zise Spartiatika (Ζήσε Σπαρτιάτικα) is a Greek word and it translates to English "Live the Spartan Way" you will see the usage of Greek words often here.
Before we start, a reminder:     Simple does not mean easy

"Stay foolish, stay hungry" the upcoming posts will teach you more about the art of manliness.
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"We bow down before no man."

Kostas M.